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Roofing & Thermal Analysis

Roofing inspections

  • RTA performs visual inspections on each roof using a specific commercial roofing check list, developed for that roofing system. During this inspection the RTA team will check the roof for any obvious safety hazards that may affect the thermal scan to be done later.

Thermal Scans

  • For safety and accuracy RTA always uses two personnel to inspect the roofs.
  • We use top of the line Thermal imaging cameras designed for building use. RTA uses Fluke TIR 32 cameras.
  • RTA marks anomalies on the roof. Then using GPS cameras RTA documents the exact location. GPS co-ordinates are transferred onto a roofing sketch or satellite image.
  • RTA issues Infrared Moisture Survey reports that include both infrared and visual image photos of the anomalies. The report includes number, size and location of each anomaly. The report has the required information to co-ordinate repair necessary to help your roof to have a longer life and your facility to enjoy a safer work place environment. The report indicates the current condition of the roof that will be used to plan for future capital planning requirements.

Roofing design

  • Repair. RTA can assist the owner in repairing their roof and specify permanent roofing repairs to stop water entry avoiding further property damage and safety issues.
  • New Construction. When a roof has reached its economic life RTA can prepare a scope of work and roofing specifications to install a new roofing system to meet our client’s needs as economically as possible.

Project management

  • RTA can provide complete project management including: design, bid package preparation, contractor selection and pre-qualification, bidding, award recommendations, on site monitoring and final inspections to fulfill the owners complete roofing needs.
  • RTA has experience in deck replacements, and projects requiring complete asbestos abatement. Projects where there are safety concerns may require safety netting and complete positive fall protection. Plant outage projects and plant production constraints are typical challenges for us.
  • RTA maintains complete records on each of our client’s roofs and work with them to develop yearly roofing budgets to keep their facilities in top shape saving our client’s money by maintaining their facilities and keeping their facilities safer for their personnel and customers.

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