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Why Inspect, Scan and Maintain Your Roofing Asset? Answer: Reduced life cycle costs

Commercial and Industrial Roofing systems fail by allowing water into the roofing system. During the day the water in the system absorbs heat, in the evening the roof cools down faster where there is no moisture in the system. The Thermal Camera allows us to see these areas. In the past the industry relied on visual observations and roof cuts. Modern thermal Cameras used by trained and experienced professionals, augment their roofing knowledge with the actual condition of the roof. This allows our clients to repair defects and they get years more life out of their roofing systems. If the defects are repaired as they are detected, marked and reported.

Roofing is the most expensive portion of the building to maintain. Proper maintenance of roofing system will decrease your buildings life cycle cost. Roofing life cycle costs can be measured in cost/ square foot of year service life.

Total roofing cost including yearly maintenance costs are divided by the number of square feet of the building multiplied by the years of service. As the years of service go up the cost per square foot of serviceable life year goes down.

Example: If a 100,000 SF roof costs $7.50 /SF.. It lasts 15 years. $750,000/ 100,000 sf x 15 years life= $0.500 / square foot of roofing life

SAME ROOF WITH MAINTENACE COST OF $5,000/ YEAR THAT LASTS FOR 25 YEARS HAS A COST OF $0.350/ square foot of roofing life.

Even with maintenance cost as high as $10,000/year if you can get the roofs life to 25 years your cost would only be $0.40 / square foot of roofing life. (roofing maintenance costs this high would be possible on roofs on process plant with a lot of roof top equipment.)

Having your roof inspected by visual means only is like going to a doctor that puts his hand on your forehead to measure your fever! Industrial Roofing Contractors can analyze and provide consultants to determine the most cost effective solution.

Email us and we will send you a copy of the excel spread sheet and you can plug in your own numbers!

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