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National Commercial Roofing Consultants

RTA GROUP LTD is a national roofing consulting firm specializing  in Manufacturing,  Shopping Centers, Office Buildings,  Retail Chain Stores,  and Schools & Colleges, providing various services for our clients.

 With over 40 years of commercial roofing experience, along with state of the art thermal imaging devices, we are able to meet any of your roofing needs. Our nationwide service allows work consolidation for all  properties.

RTA GROUP LTD provides services consisting of roof inspections, analysis of existing roofs, moisture surveys, roof replacement documentation including roof design, and project management.

RTA GROUP LTD project management can consist of: design, bid package preparation, Contractor selection and pre-qualification, bidding, award recommendations, on site monitoring and final inspections to fulfill the owners complete roofing needs. Check out our Services page for more information.

RTA GROUP LTD does not make roofing repairs, install roof assemblies, or represent roof manufacturers; but we do provide our clients with an unbiased roofing perspective that ensures quality while saving them money. Check out our Maintenance page for more information.

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